You know you’re getting old when…

Things I’ve noticed since I’ve turned sixty-something; My refrigerator magnets once used to display race bibs are now used to hold appointment cards. 9 to 5 is no longer a work day or a song, it’s bed time and wake up time. Award shows start becoming irrelevant, because you no longer recognize anyone except those depicted in the memoriam. The age where someone is considered old keeps moving forward. Doctors appointments have greater odds of you losing than Vegas. You start to watch what you eat not so much for the health benefits or calories, but will it dislodge dental work or give you reflux? You meet someone from your past and think to yourself wow they got old — By the way they’re thinking the same thing. You only recognize where you live by what was there twenty years ago. If you work with kids you end up knowing two or three generations of one family. You no longer complain about the geezer doing the speed limit, because it’s you. People are impressed when you participate in road races even though you’re barely in front of the support wagon and volunteers picking up the cones. A pizza you once consumed on your own has become at least two meals.

This all may see a bit daunting but it is really a privilege to go through this stage, so many haven’t had the opportunity. So walk with your head held high even if it’s on a body 2inches shorter than it once was! Embrace your age whatever it is because it is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

Smile, and be kind,



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