Coming Back To Your Senses

The five senses are what we depend upon to navigate our way through our daily lives. Most of us are lucky enough to have five others may have one or two less for one reason or another. My question is have our senses become dulled?

With the advent of technologies, most of our sight is used scrolling through a smart phone. People on the bike path, run and ride hooked up to headphones or worst insist on sharing their music with the rest of the world. Meals are scoffed down with little regard to tasting and savoring. Scents are often masked literally and figuratively since covid, but even without the mask, pollution, along with allergens are depleting our sense of smell. Touch is another Covid fatality, bear hugs have been replaced with air hugs and hand shakes have morphed into knuckle bumps.

How do we navigate more to the point how do we appreciate the world in which we inhabit. I believe it comes down to mindful awareness. Being fully present in whatever we may be doing. When out in nature or with friends put the phone away in a pocket or purse. I’ve been getting my photography equipment readied, like many of you I’ve fallen into the convenience of using the smartphone as a camera. How many photos on your phone are absolutely mindless? When did we become food bloggers, that we feel the need to photograph everything we eat or prepare? When did we become so self absorbed with self portraits “selfies” that we are missing the beauty and majesty surrounding us?

Where did our listening skills go? when we’re out with friends or family that we can’t be fully present without checking for messages, notifications, fantasy scores? What has happened to the art of conversation? We no longer have discourse but posts. Who are we trying to impress? A good portion of life is routine, why can’t we be satisfied in appreciating what we’re doing without showing the world what we’re up to. I find it ironic that there are so many new technologies being introduced to protect our privacy yet we post when we’re away, what we’re buying, doing, eating, moving to? I know people who are paranoid to have a smart speaker in their home yet post everything but their bowel habits on Facebook.

Does anyone taste what they eat? Look at the plate of food notice the different aromas? Next time you go out for a meal sit for a moment and try to engage your senses, before you take a bite. Then notice the different textures, flavors while you are eating and by all means slow down!

I remember when I was in Europe the pleasure of a leisurely meal it was to be savored and enjoyed.

Be aware of how things feel, soft cotton, cool breezes, the comforting warmth of a morning coffee mug. The soft fur of a cat, today I thought about the bristles of my dads 3 day beard (I miss that).

Do yourself a favor and get out into nature, walk, run, hike, bike, kayak, sail, swim, or just sit. Then be fully present aware of the sights, sounds, scents, touch the cool grass, taste a wild blackberry. Just be… It will be a great day, experience coming back to your senses.


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