This Too Shall Pass…

After a week of dealing with heat and a dead air conditioner, carting my cats to my brothers because the temperature in my condo was ninety plus. I’ve had moments of anxiety overload!

There was tons for me to worry about (I’m a Chronic Worrier). In the end everything was fine. I moved to my brother’s along with my cats and it all worked out.

This inconvenience was another blip in a life filled with seemingly difficult circumstances which in the end got worked out. This wasn’t the first time the cats and I with fled to my brother’s-February of 21 we had a fire and no heat. I took the cats to my brother’s then.

The most difficult part aside from the obvious discomfort/ and anxiety is my need for certainty. When life throws these curve balls I try to be pragmatic about it – I’m better than I was but not nearly what I should be. I stop and take a breath and I try to recall my mother’s advice.”This too shall pass.” is what she would say. “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get through this.” These sound like platitudes – they may be, but there are a lot of truth in those words.

Right now we are all going through something, as a citizen of the world, living in this nation, in your hometown, family and as a human. What I’ve learned is life is cyclical from the weather, clothing styles, political agendas, bull and bear markets. Change is constant it is the only thing that is, so in dealing with these many ups and downs it is important to remember we can’t control what happens all we can control is our reaction.

Be assured all things will pass, I’m writing this in my cool air conditioned tiny condo with both cats fast asleep…

Be Awesome,



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