A friend was telling me about her day at the beach, there was nothing new or noteworthy except her comment, “It was the same as it has been but it is different, like a wind shift.” I knew exactly what she was referring to, even though the calendar says there are six weeks remaining of summer. It feels different than the beginning of July, when the sun entices us outdoors to worship its warmth and promise of fun. Sunrises and sunsets are coming closer together we are experiencing less daylight and mentally preparing ourselves for the next season.

Like the seasons there are many life shifts occurring,children preparing for a new challenges that a new school year brings, young adults heading off to college to find their passion. Some of my friends are contemplating retirement, dealing with unfortunate health issues, moving, finding different paths to pursue. I’m not sure if I’m more sensitive to what’s going on around me or if it seems like there’s a great deal more shifting going on than I can recall.

I suppose there is a certain energy that has effected us, making us question. I also know this it is good to question, it’s how we learn, but we can’t make the pursuit of answers our only reason for being. We do need to experience the ebb and flow of life’s tides, otherwise how will we know when there is a shift?

Be Awesome,



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