Change/The 20 Year Cycle

Change can be difficult even if it is for the better. We are genetically predisposed to like the status quo – it’s safer. Because we dislike or even fear change we may even avoid something that may be fun, or beneficial. With that said it is my observation at least with my life that change whether we like it or not happens every twenty something years.

This may be just the normal life cycle, maturation out in the world at 20 something. The forty somethings can bring about a sense of is this all there is? Sometimes called a midlife crisis. Mine involved leaving a career and opening a martial art studio. The sixties have brought about a different kind of change, loss of loved one’s and friends. A need to be or find more meaning or to tick off the empty boxes on the bucket list. At least that’s what it’s been for me.

I’m finding I need to reconnect with old friends, and family that we unintentionally lost close touch with. I need more than a Christmas card or a quick chat at a gathering (usually a wake or funeral).

I also want to get back to doing things I once enjoyed that I put to the side because life got too busy. More traveling, cycling, writing, photography, being out in nature, going to the theater, being involved with causes I believe in rather than just writing a check. I guess I chose the correct word for my word of the year purpose, I want to live more purposefully .

I feel a change coming on…

I wish you smooth transitions,



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