Pictures of Past Life Times

Part of my downsizing and simplifying has been organizing photographs. There are so many lifetimes among the pictures I’ve gleaned through.

My best recollection is these photos are from 1978 and my Nursing School graduation through to the late 90’s vacations. There are so many wonderful memories and forgotten times and events that where brought back. It amazes me how many places I’ve travelled and all the wonderful people I met along the way. Family events and holidays a lest not forget the birthday celebrations for one Eliza Doolittle my fair Springer!

There were wonderful outings with my nursing friends, bowling, limo rides, pool parties, Christmas parties. My friends were young mothers and now are grandmothers-Lifetimes!

Martial art parties, promotions and ski, and rafting trips-Lifetimes…

Hot-Air Balloon festivals here in RI, New York, and New Mexico-Lifetimes…

Mountain peaks in the Alps, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Canada, Korea, Nevada, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont-more Lifetimes.

Ocean views from here in RI, Maine, the Caribbean, Hawaii, California, Nova Scotia, South Carolina, Florida-Lifetimes

I could go on and on, but the one singular constant is I was present in one of my life forms, daughter, student, nurse, friend, sister, instructor, pet mom…Lifetimes -Mine.



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